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Intermediate , Pre-Intermediate.

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Unit 1

What a wonderful world!
Grammar: Auxiliary verbs do, be, have. Naming the tenses. Questions and negatives. Short answers.
Vocabulary: Sounds and spelling: meat /I:/, great /ei/. Silent letters: knee /ni:/.

Postscript: Social expressions: Never mind! Its my round. You must be joking!

Reading: Topic. Wonders of the modern world.
Speaking: Information gap The life of a Times journalist. Discussion Whats the most important invention?

Listening: Topic. A group of people talk about their wonders of the modern world.

Writing: Correcting language mistakes in an informal letter. Symbols for correction.

Unit 2


Grammar: Present time. Present Simple and Continuous. Action and state verbs walk, know. Present passive.

Vocabulary: Sports and leisure activities play tennis, go swimming, do aerobics.

Postscript: Numbers. Money, fractions, decimals, percentages, phone numbers, dates.

Reading: Topic. Sister Wendy, TV star the nun who is also a TV star.
Speaking: Discussion Whats important to you in life? Clothes? Travel? Talking about favorite sports.
Listening: Topic. Three people talk about their favorite sport or leisure activity.

Writing: Descriptive writing. Describing a person. Adverbs of degree quite young rather attractive.

Unit 3

Telling tales.

Grammar: Past time. Past Simple and Continuous. Past Simple and Past Perfect. Past passive.

Vocabulary: Art, music and literature chapter, orchestra. Verbs and nouns that together paint a portrait.

Postscript: Giving opinions. What did you think of the play? It was boring!

Reading: Topic. The writer, the painter and the musician (jigsaw).

Speaking: Talking about your favorite poem, piece, piece of music, or painting. Exchanging information about a famous writer, painter and musician.

Listening: Topic. The holiday that wasnt a frightening holiday experience.

Writing: Writing a narrative. My worst holiday. Adverbs suddenly, however.

Unit 4

Doing the right thing.

Grammar: Modal verbs (1). Obligation and permission can, have to, allowed to, must, mustnt, should.

Vocabulary: Adjectives that describe people punctual friendly. Word formation behave behaviour,stranger strange.

Postscript: Requests and offers. Could you? Can you? Ill Shall I?

Reading: Topic. A world guide to good manners how to behave properly in different parts of the world.

Speaking: Talking about school rules. Nationality stereotypes. Discussion the rules of etiquette in different countries.

Listening: Topic. School days long ago. Entertaining friends in three different countries.

Writing: Filling in a form.

Unit 5

On the move.

Grammar: Future forms going to and will. Present Continuous.

Vocabulary: The weather storm, shower, chilly, freezing.

Postscript: Travelling around. Using public transport. Requests in a hotel.

Reading: Topic. If its Tuesday we must be in Munich - American tourists in Europe.

Speaking: Arranging to meet. Class survey favourite holidays.

Listening: Topic. The geography of the British Isles - a weather forecast.

Writing: Sending a fax.

Unit 6

Likes and dislikes.

Grammar: Questions with like. Do you like tea? Whats she like? Verb patterns want to do, enjoy meeting.

Vocabulary: Words that go together tall people, historic town, rich food.

Postscript: Signs and soundbites. Dry clean only. Im just looking, thank you.

Reading: Topic. In search of (good) English food a history of English food.

Speaking: Talking about food, cooking and restaurants. Exchanging information about capital cities.

Listening: Topic. Two English people talk about living in New York; an American gives her impressions of living in London (jigsaw).

Writing: Descriptive writing (2). Describing a room. Relative pronouns who, which, that, where, whose.

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