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Headway Upper-Intermediate. 2 ( )

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Upper-Intermediate , Intermediate.

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Unit 1(7)

Doing without.

Grammar: Verb patterns enjoy playing, good at cooking, plan to do, stop, try, remember. Reduced infinitives. Id love to. You arent allowed to.

Vocabulary: Consumer durables camcorder, mobile phone, microwave. Hot Verbs (3) get. Youve got to go. I got back late. Stop getting at me!

Postscript: Soundbites. Eat here or take away? Will passengers in rows A to K please board now?

Reading: Topic. Letters between Sean and his grandmother an exercise on verb patterns. The family who turned back the clock a family who give up all domestic appliances for three days.

Speaking: Discussion domestic life fifty years ago, things you couldnt life without. Discussion the pros and cons of television.

Listening: A song Fast car, by Tracy Chapman.

Writing: Contrasting ideas - whereas. However although. Writing about an invention you couldnt life without.

Unit 2( 8)

Famous for fifteen minutes.

Grammar: Modal auxiliary verbs probability. She might be at home. He could have left early; other uses May I go now? Can you ski? You dont have to come.

Vocabulary: Making sentences stronger Adverbs and adjectives very clever, absolutely brilliant. Adverbs and verbs strongly agree, totally forget.

Postscript: Exaggeration and understatement. Im starving. Im a little puckish.

Reading: Topic. Jane Austen, the hottest writer in Hollywood the famous English novelist who is enjoying a revival.

Speaking: Talking about the lives of famous people. Discussion the lives of women past and present.

Listening: One side of a phone conversation. An interview with Tim Rice, who wrote the lyrics to Jesus Christ Superstar, and Paul Nicholas, who played Jesus.

Writing: Writing a fan letter.

Unit 3( 9 )

Nothing but the truth.

Grammar: Questions. Who wants to speak to me? I wonder what he wants. Dont you like tea? Negatives. I dont think youre right. I told her not to go.

Vocabulary: Groups workaholics, agoraphobics. Making connections in texts Antonyms happiness, misery, rich/plain food, rich/poor person.

Postscript: Being polite. Im sorry to bother you, but A present for me? How kind! You shouldnt have.

Reading: Topic. Mysteries of the universe puzzles that have plagued human beings for thousands of years.

Speaking: General knowledge quiz. Discussion retelling a story from another point of view.

Listening: Topic. Saying I wont a radio programme about people who change their mind at the altar. A song Waiting at the church.

Writing: Joining sentences. Conjunctions whenever, unless. Adverbs anyway, actually.

Unit 4( 10 )

Things aint what they used to be!

Grammar: Expressing habit present habit. Im always losing my keys; - past habit. Wed play on the sand. Belget used to. Im used to working hard.

Vocabulary: Money, money, money! tight-fisted, extravagant, fall on hard times. Hot Verbs (4) come and go. Ill go to any lengths. The kinds come first.

Postscript: Time expressions all day long, the other day, in time, on time.

Reading: Topic. Living history the 100-year-old lady who lives in the past. People and their money whos rich and whos poor these days? (jigsaw).

Speaking: Giving a short talk about your first friend or teacher. Attitudes to money. Homelessness.

Listening: Homelessness interviews with people who live on the streets, and those who try to help them.

Writing: Writing about a period in history.

Unit 5 (11)

If only things were different!

Grammar: Hypothesizing about the present. If only I had a new car!; about the past. I wish I hadnt said that. You shouldnt have done that.

Vocabulary: Idioms. I had time to kill. I was at a loose end. Bury your head in the sand.

Postscript: Moans and groans. How many times do I have to tell you? I could kick myself.

Reading: Topic. Those lifes perfect anyway? two peoples lives. Things we never said a short story about a failed relationship, by Fiona Goble.

Speaking: Roleplay two lovers tell each other the truth. Acting out a dramatic scene.

Listening: Topic. A radio play, based on the text. Things we never said. Family secrets two people talk about a secret in their lives.

Writing: Writing a play with stage directions.

Unit 6(12)


Grammar: Noun phrases a boy licking an ice-cream. Articles and determiners. Its a city in the north, each/every/either, both/all. Adding emphasis word order, the passive. What annoys me

Vocabulary: Homophones war or wore? Homonyms a dusty plain, plain food.

Postscript: Linking and commenting personally, obviously, ideally, basically.

Reading: Topic. Michelangelo one of the worlds greatest artists. It blows your mind! eye-witness accounts of the first atomic explosion.

Speaking: Discussion famous photos of the twentieth century. Discussion how the atomic bomb changed history.

Listening: Topic. Childrens jokes. Various people describe great events of the twentieth century.

Writing: Describing a career. Word order and focus of attention.

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