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Headway Upper-Intermediate. 1 ( )

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Upper-Intermediate , Intermediate.

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Unit 1

Theres no place like home.

Grammar: The tense system: simple, continuous, perfect, active and passive. Auxiliary verbs do, be, have.

Vocabulary: Compound nouns lifestyle, house-warming, home town. Word formation organize organization.

Postscript: Dates. Numbers. Spelling.

Reading: Topic. Home is where you make it a gap fill exercise about a man with an unusual home. People who emigrate two families who move to another country (jigsaw).

Speaking: Exchanging information about families who have emigrated. Discussion the pros and cons of living in another country.

Listening: A song Hello Muddah, Hello Fadduh.

Writing: Correcting language mistakes in two informal letters. Identifying mistakes in common.

Unit 2

Been there, done that!

Grammar: Present Perfect simple and continuous. Continuous verb forms. Youre very kind. Youre being very kind.

Vocabulary: Guessing meaning. Synonyms. Hot Verbs (1) take and put, take my advice, put sb down.

Postscript: Exclamations. Wow! How amazing! Oh! What a surprise!

Reading: Topic. Death by tourism how tourists are ruining the places they visit on holiday.

Speaking: Information gap and roleplay the Virgo Group. Discussion. Tourism. Discussion your earliest memories.

Listening: Topic. World traveler and lavender farmer an interview with Natalie Hodgson.

Writing: Note-taking. Position of adverbials. Writing a biography.

Unit 3

What happened was this

Grammar: Narrative tenses. Past Simple. Past Continuous. Past Perfect: active and passive.

Vocabulary: Adjectives that describe character reckless, unreliable. Suffixes responsible, responsibility. Prefixes irresponsible, self-conscious.

Postscript: Expressing interest and surprise reply questions James lives in a castle. Does he?.

Reading: Topic. Girl barred from top store an exercise on tenses about a girl who was barred from Harrods. An extract from The Mayor of Casterbridge, by Thomas Hardy.

Speaking: Talking about books. Questions about books.

Listening: Topic. The news. A dramatized version of the extract from The Mayor of Casterbridge. Three people talking about a book theyve liked.

Writing: A review of a book or film.

Unit 4

Its a deal!

Grammar: Expressing quantity a little money, lots of ideas, few friends, not much experience, hardly any food, fewer people. Countable and uncountable nouns money, dollars, time/times.

Vocabulary: Exports and imports gold, sugar, spices. Words with variable stress export, export, refuse, refuse, row.

Postscript: Social expressions. Hang on a sec. Theres no point.

Reading: Topic. The businesswoman who went to Australia and made a fortune (jigsaw). Three thousand years of world trade an extract from an encyclopaedia.

Speaking: A class survey of shopping habits. A maze Youve decided to open a restaurant, but how will you go about it? A group decision-making exercise.

Listening: Topic. An English couple who opened an English restaurant in France talk about their experiences.

Writing: Note-talking. Research and report writing. Trade in your country.

Unit 5

Whatever will be, will be.

Grammar: Future forms will do, shall do, going to do. Present Continuous. Present Simple will be doing/will have done. Tense usage in clauses. When Ive read the book, Ill give it back to you.

Vocabulary: Word pairs neat and tidy, give and take, pros and cons. Hot Verbs (2) to be + adverb or preposition. Whats up with you? Shes into yoga.

Postscript: Telephone conversations beginning a call, ending a call.

Reading: Topic. This is your captain speaking an exercise on tenses. Ill marry you, but only if an American couples prenuptial agreement leaves nothing to chance.

Speaking: Discussion who make the best couples? Exchanging information about three peoples arrangements to meet.

Listening: Topic. Vox pops eight people talk about the future. The reunion three old friends arrange to meet (jigsaw).

Writing: Formal and informal letters recognizing formal style, writing an informal letter.

Unit 6

People, places, and things.

Grammar: Relative clauses. Politicians, who tell lies, Participles - a girl wearing a red suit. Infinitives. I didnt know where to go.

Vocabulary: edl-ing adjectives, depressed, depressing. Synonyms in context -writer, author, risky, dangerous.

Postscript: English signs. Do not exceed the stated dose. Diversion ahead.

Reading: Topic. The man who could buy anything a gap fill exercise about Bill Gates. Ive never seen anything like it! a strange person, place, and a thing (jigsaw).

Speaking: Describing a picture. Exchanging information about the strange person, place, and thing. Group work devising an advert.

Listening: Topic. Seven radio advertisements.

Writing: Describing your favorite part of town.

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