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Headway Intermediate. 2 (Четвертый уровень)

Объем курса 60 в Москве а/час.
Стоимость курса в Москве без скидки (обучение в группе): 7560 р.
Стоимость курса в Москве с учетом скидки 7% (при получении купона на сайте): 7030 р.

            Курс «Intermediate» рассчитан на слушателей, имеющих некоторый опыт практики английского языка в объеме уровня «Pre-Intermediate».

            Курс включает разговорную практику по тематике повседневной жизни с объемом новой лексики 25-30 слов за урок в классе, интенсивное аудирование в классе и дома, и письменные упражнения в рамках домашних заданий.


Unit 7

The world of work.

Grammar: Present Perfect Simple. Present Perfect vs. Past Simple. Present Perfect passive.

Vocabulary: Multi-word verbs look after us, turn on the light.

Postscript: On the telephone. Do you want to hold? Can I take a message? Leaving a message on an answer phone.

Reading: Topic. “The modern servant” – the nanny, the cook and the gardener (jigsaw)”.

Speaking: Exchanging information about the lives of three modern servants. Roleplay – choosing a career. Discussion – retirement.

Listening: Topic. “Thomas Wilson – a retired man talks to his granddaughter about his life”.

Writing: Formal letters. A letter of application.

Unit 8


Grammar: Conditionals. First conditional. Second conditional. Zero conditional. Time clauses when, as soon as.
Vocabulary: Base and strong adjectives big, huge. Modifying adverbs very big, absolutely enormous.

Postscript: Making suggestions. Let’s go shopping! You ought to ask for a pay rise.

Reading: Topic. “Who wants to be a  millionaire? We do!” – the ups and downs of winning a fortune.

Speaking: Maze – you’ve won 5m. Where will your life go from here? Discussion – Which charity would you give to?

Listening: Song – “Who wants to be a millionaire?” Three charity appeals – Which one would you give to?

Writing: Words that join ideas. Linking devices and comment adverbs in an informal letter although, however, actually, anyway.

Unit 9


Grammar: Modal verbs (2). Probability (present and past) must/be, might/have been, can’t/go, could/have gone.

Vocabulary: Character adjectives sociable, easy-going.

Postscript: Agreeing and disagreeing. So do I! Neither do I!

Reading: Topic. “The man who planted trees” – a short story by Jean Giono, which shows how the actions of one person can change the world.

Speaking: Quiz – What sort of person are you? Class survey about brothers and sisters.

Listening: Topic. “Two people talk about their families – one from a large family, the other an only child”.

Writing: Sentence combination. Describing a person and a place.

Unit 10


Grammar: Present Perfect Continuous. Simple vs Continuous. Present Perfect vs Past Simple. Time expressions since I left school, until I met Jack.

Vocabulary: Compound nouns postcard, post office, dining room.

Postscript: Complaining too much, not enough. The soup’s too salty.

Reading: Topic. “Death cigarettes? You must be joking!” – an interview with the man who markets a cigarette called Death”.

Speaking: Discussion – the right to smoke? Exchanging information about two collectors. Guessing game.

Listening: Topic. “Collectors and their collections” (jigsaw).

Writing: Beginning and ending letters, formal and informal.

Unit 11

Tell me about it!

Grammar: Indirect questions. I don’t know where he lives. Question tags. It’s a lovely day, isn’t it?

Vocabulary: Verbs and nouns that go together whistle a tune. Idioms drop someone a line.

Postscript: Informal language ninety quid. What’s up with him?

Reading: Topic. “You ask…we answer” – questions and answers from a science magazine.

Speaking: Information gap – Madame Tussaud’s. Stories of forgetfulness.

Listening: Topic. “The forgetful generation” – a radio programme.

Writing: Producing a class poster. For and against – living in the city what is more, on the plus side.

Unit 12

Two weddings, a birth and a funeral!

Grammar: Reported speech. Reported statements and questions. Reported commands.

Vocabulary: Words connected with birth, marriage and death honeymoon, pram. Practice of the phonetic script.

Postscript: Saying sorry. Pardon? Excuse me! Social situations.

Reading: Topic. “David Copperfield” – an extract about the day of David’s birth from the novel by Charles Dickens.

Speaking: Discussion – What are the customs connected with births, weddings and funerals? The day I was born!

Listening: Topic. “Two people give statements to the police” (jigsaw). A poem – “Funeral blues” by W H Auden.

Writing: Correcting language mistakes in an informal letter.

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